Milan Concern's Mission Statement

Milan's future depends on us all

Our Mission

Our mission remains unchanged since Milan Concerns was launched in the summer of 2002 with these goals:

1) Constructive Citizen Participation

As demands on Milan grow, we need a range of different contributions from Milan’s varied citizens. Through citizen boards that work with the Town Board, and through sharing information, community events and voting—citizens can constructively shape their town’s future.

2 ) An up-to-date and thoughtful Comprehensive Plan and corresponding Zoning Laws

NY State is a “Home Rule” state. Towns have a lot of authority and responsibility in shaping their future through these tools. What kind of town do we want now and for our children?

3) Smart financial planning and management to keep Milan affordable for everyone

State and County budget pressures continue to put more burdens on towns. And growth puts more burdens on Town services. We need new ideas.

4 ) Enjoying the town !
Whether your at a "fork in the road" in Rock City, attending a little league game in Lafayetteville, driving past a historic house in Case’s Corner or quietly being at home in Jackson’s Corners, we want to create a greater respect for and appreciation of our entire Town!