Milan Concern's Charter

Our Organization:

Article I: name

The name of the organization shall be: Milan Concerns.

Article II: purpose

The objective of Milan Concerns is to give a voice to Milan citizens
who believe in the following issues and principles in such a way as to educate and inform all Milan citizens

1. Constructive citizen participation in town matters from Milan 's varied citizens.

2. An up-to-date and thoughtful Comprehensive Plan and corresponding zoning laws.

3. Smart financial planning and management to keep Milan affordable for everyone. State and county budget cuts and sprawl put more burdens on towns. We need new ideas.

4. Enjoying the town! We want to create a greater respect for and appreciation of our entire town.

These goals were first published by Milan Concerns in March 2003.

Article III: Membership

There is no formal membership like some organizations which require dues. There will be no membership fees.

Article IV: Officers

There shall be a three to five member steering committee depending on willingness and availability of volunteers and they will elect a president.

Article V: Meetings

There are no regular meetings of Milan Concerns but the steering committee may call them as they see fit.

Given that Milan Concerns is comprised of citizens with limited time and money, the website will be the primary way of communicating. Newsletters or letters may be appropriate from time to time.

Article VI: Board

There shall be a board of three to five members who effectively make the basic decisions who will be known as the "steering committee." Duties: Because Milan Concerns is a primarily a vehicle to provide public information in a cost-effective way, Milan Concerns' primary decisions consist of what information to put on its website. If a board member resigns, then that vacancy is filled with a vote of the remaining board.

Article VII: Committees

The board may select a committee from time to time to address certain issues.
Article VII: Amendments
These by-laws may be amended by vote of the steering committee.